With Todd in Rome, Italy

Having it All!

Before you read another word, think of my wish for you:

Live on Purpose … Accelerate Your Success … Have it All.

Now think of the lifestyle you want as part of “Having it All.” Whatever that is, you know it comes through the personal growth that translates into personal freedom.

For me it included the freedom to fulfill a big promise I’d made during the lean years of my beginnings in business…

See that handsome young man by my side there in Rome at the Trevi Fountain? He was a barefooted, pajama-clad little three-year-old crying “Mommy don’t go!” the night I made the promise.

With Shaun in Istanbul, Turkey

He had come out to the street as I was driving off to a business meeting. We hugged, we cried, and I said “Go back in and be strong, Todd. And I promise, one day I’ll take you wherever I go.”

The pictures you’re seeing tell the rest of the story.

I’ve kept the promise to all four of my children…

Shaun, Nicole, Todd and Ashley were my reasons for deciding to do whatever it took to give each one the best possible start in life.

With Nicole in St. Petersburg, Russia

My work requires travel and I knew that taking them with me would benefit them as nothing else could.

Early on I would take one child at a time on one of my business trips in the United States.

Eventually I could add an occasional “all-pleasure” trip in between business trips, again taking just one child at a time.

Ashley and Margie in Phuket, Thailand

It was all so exciting every time for each one. The two of us being in a brand new environment apart from the daily routines of home … going away and just having fun together … this was a naturally flowing way for us to further deepen our relationship with one another. I could focus even more on their unique goals, dreams and current needs.

Soon the growth of my business and the flexibility of my profession enabled me to step up to the next level of travel. Now I could afford to take the whole family on vacation to some wonderful destination.

And as they say, “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.”

Swimming with dolphins

Just the dreaming, the deciding, the planning and the anticipation filled our home with abundant excitement and joy even before we got there.

But then of course it was both the journey and the destination. And some of these all-family, all-pleasure trips became an annual tradition.

Wow, what a lifestyle, wouldn’t you agree?

Every year it would be Cancun on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, basking in the sun and playing in the water.

Salmon fishing in Alaska

Every two years, Alaska, where we’d go deep sea fishing as a team. With so many children, we could increase our daily limit. One time we came home with five hundred pounds of wild Pacific salmon between us. Five hundred pounds. Imagine!

The away time with one or all of them was so precious. Not only were they seeing, learning and experiencing things that would enrich their character and perspectives; These were times of deep bonding between us. There were life-changing communications that might have never occurred in everyday life.

When my business expanded to Europe, Eurasia and Southeast Asia I could give them the opportunity to see the world.

Riding Camels in Egypt

And what a world we have seen…

Italy, France, Germany…
Amsterdam, Moscow, Latvia, St. Petersburg…
Republic of Georgia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic…
Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand…

Plus three weeks in China for my 50th birthday!

Then there was the landmark trip of a lifetime, all of us circling the globe First Class on the incomparable Singapore Airlines. This trip added Japan and the U.K. to some places we had visited before.

Together in Australia

Then over Christmas and into the New Year 2012, my fiancé and I, along with my four grown children and two significant others, enjoyed three weeks together in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

So while traveling the world, my children they were interacting like family with people of many cultures. After exposure to other worlds, one returns broadened, and never the same. Yet at a still deeper level, my kids were also seeing the impact of my teachings on the lives of people everywhere. They were seeing in the smiles and tears of joy the effects of sacrifice and reward.

By now it’s been years since I made that promise to little Todd. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving, and a promise truly kept.

All these experiences opened the hearts and minds of my children as nothing else I could imagine. I tell some of the stories in my book, How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want. And in one of my personal development courses I teach strategies that are part of my message: balancing personal and business life.

If you have young children, and if it’s a good fit, get them to help with your business. Let them share your sacrifices and your journey to the rewards. For when you live on purpose, and when your life and business purpose align, you can expect to have it all.

That’s what I wanted for my life. That’s what I want for yours.

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