6 Steps To The Top

Where Do You Want to Be 12 Months from Now?


  • Firing your boss?
  • Firing your spouse’s boss?
  • Traveling wherever, whenever, however you want?
  • Buying whatever you want without a glance at the price tag?
  • Crossing the stage to deafening cheers at convention?
  • Thrilling at the sight of your team members crossing the stage too?

Dear Friend in Network Marketing or Direct Sales,

How close are you to the top of your pay plan? Not nearly close enough, by chance?

Then I’ll get straight to the point.

My goal is to help you get better results than you’re getting right now, faster.

No matter which company you’re with.

Or even if you’re standing outside the Network Marketing Candy Store, still looking in.

I’m inviting you to my 6-week telecourse,
“6 Steps to the Top of Your Pay Plan”
for network marketers and direct sellers.
Because I’ve proven that I can help people
break through to the top.


And I mean breaking through sooner and more easily than you probably think.

I’ve done it myself. From scratch.

And for 25 years I’ve been training and mentoring people by the thousands … teaching the same principles that helped me get where I am today: a network marketing multi millionaire … team of 250,000 in 29 countries … author, speaker, wealth coach … knowing exactly how to help you succeed.

So far I’ve helped more than 1,000 people (and counting) become millionaires. Now let’s see how I can help you.

I love the network marketing profession. I love not only the lifestyles it can create, but also that it compels you to grow. Who you become in the teambuilding process is the biggest reward of all.

But then there are the obstacles, the challenges, the frustration and pain … the pitfalls that keep people from the success they crave. I know about them all.

I know precisely how people get stuck
and I’m going to make sure you don’t.


Each day I speak with people who envision big financial rewards, meaningful contribution and lots of fun and friendships …

… seeing all the magnificent fulfillment
that our business model is wired to provide.



They’re taking steps to grow their business. But too many are just not getting the results they expected. So of course they’re frustrated and wondering, often desperately, What should I do next? Do I really have what it takes? (Is this you?)

Well here’s the thing.

Getting to the top of your pay plan takes growing a business and growing yourself at just the right depth and in just the right balance. In “6 Steps to the Top of Your Pay Plan,” I cover both.

When you master both, anything is possible. It was for me. It certainly can be for you.

I jumped into the trenches as a single mom
with three little kids and little else.
Except my passion to give them a better life.


I’d been studying personal development and success principles since childhood.

And when network marketing finally gave me the chance to put it all into practice… oh my.

I lifted myself up by my bootstraps
with the truths that I want to teach you.


And I never stopped studying the works of the great success coaches and thought leaders, soaking the best of it all into my very core, virtually every day.

Above all, though – first and foremost – here was the very first truth that I learned.

Network marketing and direct sales
demand a deeper level of personal development
than anything I had imagined.


If your training hasn’t taken you to the depths of truly knowing and seeing yourself, your purpose and your fears in the proper perspective, you’re likely to keep feeling the pain instead of getting the rewards you yearn for.

So your success in this profession
depends on you becoming
the best YOU that you can be.


“The shift in my mindset changed everything!”

Like most people, I came into network marketing with very little recruiting or sales experience. Like many, I expected that learning the step-by-step recipe for bringing someone into the business was all I really needed to know and master.

Then I met Margie Aliprandi, and was exposed to the idea that the personal growth and development that occurs in the process of building your network marketing business is an important part of your success. This shift in my mindset changed everything. By focusing on just a couple of her steps, my organization exploded.

Margie’s ability to guide and assist in accessing your personal power is a huge asset to have in your arsenal, and the basic success principles she teaches will take you to the next level in your business and your life.

Lisa Mace, PhD

It all comes down to
tapping into your innate greatness
and leveraging it into abundance
with 6 practical, doable, time-tested steps.


They’re all based on life changing personal development principles that have worked for countless people in every walk of life. For anyone willing to embrace them and practice them constantly.

I’ll teach you one step at a time, each in a 1-hour group call concluding with Q&A

It’s the next best thing to you having me
as your personal mentor.


In Step 1


I’ll make sure that you identify, clarify and align your business purpose with your deepest driving desires. You’ll see that simply showing up as yourself – once you know who that is – becomes the master key. By holding this key in your hands you will open the door to your innate greatness so that you:

  • know how to make, stick to and act upon the right decisions
  • begin thinking limitlessly, and start making the difference you were born to make
  • gain unshakable confidence that your authentic self is what people crave.

In Step 2


I’ll guide you to uproot your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs once and for all. You’ll be able to do this quickly and permanently. This step couldn’t be more important, because whatever you believe, you’ll most likely receive. So instead of being held back by stuff you may not even be aware of (yet), you’ll shift your beliefs and shift everything. Simply:

  • more money, more freedom, more choices
  • more ease, more joy, better relationships
  • and on and on and on.

In Step 3


You’ll create a compelling vision that has you jumping out of bed in the morning and raring to go. A vision so beautiful that it inspires and energizes you and others. A vision so big and so full of hope that no one can resist you. The results? You’ll begin to:

  • attract the most ambitious, most visionary, most productive people into your team – the ones most likely to stay and stay active
  • feel the deep satisfaction of contributing to society, changing lives, and helping people who have lost hope and confidence
  • begin to learn the power of dreaming big dreams

In Step 4


I’ll teach you how to continuously think, speak and affirm what you want until it’s tangibly in your hands. You’ll learn the power of thoughts, words, and what you do with them for either good or bad results. You’ll learn the strategies, practices and principles that enable you to

  • quickly “fire” your Inner Critic whenever “it” steers you wrong
  • “hire” both your Inner Coach and Inner Cheerleader to get back on the right track
  • stop wasting your energy on worry and guilt
  • intentionally create habits that result in results, faster.

In Step 5


I’ll help you build the connection from your head to your heart. This is the bridge that crosses the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Your decisions, desires and dreams must travel this bridge and make their home in your heart before they can come fully alive. When you guide them and keep them in this deepest part of you, you will

  • know how to get the support you need from people around you
  • trust yourself and your intuition
  • learn the three most productive methods of forgiveness
  • balance your personal and professional life so you can have it all without selling out on your family

In Step 6


I’ll push you to move into action. Persistent action. Consistent action. Effectively. Otherwise, nothing will happen. So this week’s lesson merges the “business of being in business” with the attitudes, habits and art of taking action. You will:

  • learn the daily revenue-producing habits that matter
  • realize you don’t have to wait for perfection
  • follow an easy formula for making your plan
  • stop fearing fear
  • flow easily and routinely through the prospecting process because it’s 2nd nature to you
  • be a relationship-building recruiting machine effortlessly, wherever you go

Plus Two Bonus Calls
with My Secret Weapon,
John Dulworth!


John is a Certified Professional Life Coach who helps people step into a bigger vision for themselves.
On these bonus calls he’ll help you break through the beliefs and attitudes that bind you so you can experience joy, greater financial success and more fun and fulfillment.

John will work his magic and offer insight and support to help you overcome the barriers that stand in the way of the personal breakthroughs and financial results you desire. He’ll be with you to make sure you start seeing results that last!

So now just imagine…


  • Always being ready so you don’t miss out because you’re timid
  • Not seeing somebody on your list join someone else’s team
  • Talking with anyone anywhere any time with confidence and ease
  • Knowing what to do and say, exactly
  • Bringing in 3-5 people every month, every week, every day
  • Seeing your downline explode in 3, 6, 12 months from now
  • Being at the top of your pay plan
  • Experiencing all the magnificent fulfillment that our business model is wired to provide
  • And actually having it all.

“Doubled my income in under 90 days!”

Since following Margie Aliprandi’s materials in successful steps to the top of your pay plan, my team and I have experienced significant growth within just a few short months. I personally doubled my income in under 90 days.

Margie lays it out so simply and passionately that it just sets you on fire. When you help other people achieve what it is that they desire by leading from your heart, instilling passion with solid beliefs, and plugging them in to Margie’s “6 Steps To The Top of Your Pay Plan,” there’s only one possible outcome: abundance in all areas you and your team wish for. Margie Aliprandi….. you’re the best! Thank you.

David Gray, Nashville TN

“A sure shot to your success!”

I have had the privilege of working with Margie Aliprandi for over two decades. This lady arrived with a natural aptitude to reach for and achieve success and she intuitively knows how to bring out the best in others.

Never resting on her laurels, Margie has studied and pursued excellence through understanding the life lessons she has personally experienced, as well as studying and immersing herself in the never-ending information available to us in the business and personal development arena. She is one of my mentors and a true friend. Margie has the unique ability to make everyone feel special and that is because to her you are.

I am certain her journey and the track she is willing to share in her 6 Steps To The Top of Your Pay Plan are a sure shot to your success. Lean on her knowledge and develop her heart, and you are certain to succeed.

Cindy Sheppard, Bob Proctor Life Success Consultant

“A meaningful and purposeful life with Margie’s help.”

I was born in the USSR, and moved to the USA in 1989. I was a guitar and violin maker who was too busy to be happy, and not brave enough to believe that I deserved a better life. And then I met Margie! Her example, strategies, and principles taught me to break through the barrier. Not only have I become financially independent, but I have helped many hundreds of people throughout East European countries do the same. Even more than that, I have obtained a meaningful and purposeful life with Margie’s help.

Valentin Mitskevich, Network Marketing Professional

Take my strategic high level training
and drop your jaw
at how often you start hearing


The absolute confidence in yourself, your company and its offerings that you’ll gain from my training can lift your business to new heights. You’ll be energized by commitment and galvanized into action, performing in authentic win-win style.

“Dramatically changed my attitude!”

I did more for my business, my loved ones and myself in the first three weeks after taking Margie’s 6 Steps To the Top course than I have done in last five years. I have dramatically changed my attitude. Surprisingly everyone around me has done the same, including my downline.

Joyce Knox, Network Marketing Professional

Here’s what you get
(along with the New Improved YOU!)


  • Pre-Course Orientation so you can assess where you are now and where you want to be in 3, 6 and 12 months.
  • Six 60-Minute Strategic High Level Group Training Calls where I’ll reveal exactly what you need to transform your life, sponsor with ease and rise to the top of your pay plan.
  • Two 60-Minute Group Coaching Calls with me and Certified Professional Life Coach John Dulworth. Tap the guidance that can enhance your interpersonal effectiveness, productivity and ability to surmount barriers.
  • Playback Recordings of all calls (exclusive of Q&A portions).
  • Bonus Pre-Recorded Trainings by Me. From mastering 3-way calling to understanding and employing the power of masterminding, you’ll love these. Plus bonus recordings of conversations with some of the best thought leaders in business and personal development. Included:
    America’s Success Coach Jack Canfield on setting breakthrough goals;
    and author Steven M. R. Covey on building trust quickly to attract and retain the right team members.
  • The Intention Tracker. A tool to keep you focused, on track and accountable week-by-week for best results.
  • Six-Month Password Protected Access to the Content-Rich Online Inspired Life Learning Center. This is where you can listen to playbacks of all the calls and get a whole bunch of helpful handouts, worksheets checklists and more, 24/7 for six months.

That’s more than 10 hours of intensive, strategic,
high-level training to launch you on your way
to the top of your pay plan, fast.



Yours for only $447


And it gets even better.
You take ZERO risk.
You have nothing to lose.


My If-You’re-Not-Blown-Away
No-Risk-No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee


Simply try Step 1 and Step 2 of my “6 Steps to the Top of Your Pay Plan” strategic high level training.

If the first two sessions don’t blow you away, or you just don’t agree I can help you succeed, I insist on refunding your money. Every penny. No questions asked.

Just send an email with “Refund Request” in the subject line to refund @ margiealiprandi.com  after completing Step 1 and Step 2,  and ask for your money back. No explanation needed. Any bonuses you received from me or the Inspired Life Learning Center are yours to keep as my thank you.


An investment in this course
is a wise investment in you.


Ask anyone who has taken this training. They’ll say they came away a different person. Many have doubled their team size.

Every skill you gain, every strategy you learn, every new habit you adopt will positively impact all areas of your life. You’ll become a model of what it means to dream, to go for it with passion, purpose and pride, to help others, and to have a lucrative business that you can’t distinguish from play.

So if you’re ready to bring forth your innate greatness, soar to the top of your pay plan, enjoy the magnificent lifestyle that is the promise of network marketing, and help others get there too, reserve your seat right now!

Margie Aliprandi

Copyright © Margie Aliprandi 2013



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